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A new feature of ArchiCAD 16 Energy Evaluation is  the ability to choose the Climatic Data for your project location. Previously you were limited to a single  source for this data, namely: “Download from StruSoft Climate Server”. This option is still there but now you can also choose: “Use ASHRAE IWEC, TMY, WTEC2 file”. I received the current 6 “official” climatic zone weather files that have the file extension EPW from Agrément South Africa. You can download these files from my Dropbox link – Click here!

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Join us, Graphisoft SA at Green Building/ Sustainability Week

Graphisoft SA will be again participating in the The Green Building Conference and Exhibition for a second year in a row. Join us on 27th July for a workshop from 9h30-10h30. This will be a practical workshop illustrating the application of SANS 204 using ArchiCAD 16 with its built-in Energy Evaluation functionality. As you are aware, this year energy efficiency in buildings standard SANS 204 became mandatory…read more

Using Zones for energy in ArchiCAD 16



EcoDesigner in ArchiCAD 16

“GRAPHISOFT continues to innovate in “green”, uniquely offering the best workflow for sustainable design, integrated in its BIM authoring tool. The built-in Energy Evaluation functionality of ArchiCAD 16 is based on entirely new technology, which allows architects to perform reliable dynamic energy evaluation of their BIM model within ArchiCAD, relying on BIM geometry analysis…” more…